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6 Strange Hair Trends We’ve Seen on TikTok

Ah TikTok, such a weird, yet magical place. We’ll admit, we’ve seen folks carry out some bizarre ventures on the platform, particularly when it comes to styling their manes. Although unusual, a few hacks and endeavors are straight up genius while others are just plain wrong. Read on for the strangest hair trends we’ve seen on TikTok.

1. Bleached or Colored Bangs

We fully got on board with this trend when the queen Dua Lipa rocked it, but now TikTokers are taking it a step further (as they do). Not only are they bleaching their bangs, but they’re also adding rainbow hues to the mix we never would have thought would look so stunning.

2. Rainbow Checkered Hair

Hair paint is nothing new, but adding it to a good ‘fro takes it to a completely new level. Take this unique look by user Rom’Nya Akia who documented the entire transformation. We need so much more of this, please!

3. Rice Water For Hair Growth

It’s up for debate whether using rice water to grow your hair works or not, but if you want to know more about this trend, look no further than TikTok. It’s surely not the first household item you would think to use to lengthen those locks, but if it’s 100% natural, we say it’s worth a shot.


Rice water for eyebrow hair growth, did it work? 🍚🥸 #result #fyp #ricewaterhairchallenge #trendy

♬ Send Me on My Way – Guy Meets Girl

4. Cutting Your Hair in Braids

Okay, this trend is just a giant question mark to us. We hear stylists around the world cringing at the thought of someone doing this because it seems like common knowledge that you shouldn’t. Yet, people are still doing it and the results are quite ghastly. This goes to show that true Halloween horrors don’t even require a costume.

5. Scraping Off Product With Scissors

This trend is obviously meant to show how cheap products can damage your hair, but we still think it’s gross. No one should be scraping their hair with a pair of scissors because that in itself, might wreak havoc on the health of your strands. It’s a no from us on this movement.


I thought my hair was too damaged to do this #trend Guess I was wrong😂🤢 #duetayla #brazil #brasil

♬ original sound – 月

6. Leaving in a Bottle of Purple Shampoo for 24 Hours

Leaving in an entire bottle of purple shampoo has an odd, yet fascinating effect. The results may vary per person, so we’re not sure we’d recommend trying, but one user saw a major change in her color that actually came out lovely.


24hr purple shampoo results… yes I know my hair is REALLY DAMAGED 😳#greenscreenvideo #purplepoo #foryou #fyp #results

♬ STUPID (feat. Yung Baby Tate) – Ashnikko

Using rosemary water for hair growth is another trend all over TikTok. But does it actually do anything? HERE is what the experts had to say!

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