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NEED TO KNOW: Strawberry Bronde Hair Color by Ryan Pearl

Hair colorist extraordinaire, Ryan Pearl of Cutler Salon in SoHo, is at it again with a new color creation- strawberry bronde. When his client, Ashley, walked in to the salon and wanted to transition her already-blonde hair to a fiery red sans commitment, Pearl knew just what to do.

Rose Gold Strawberry Bronde Hair

“Ashley is a hairstylist herself,” said Pearl. “She came to me because said she did not want to have a typical ombre hair color. To begin with, she had a really deep-rooted ombre, so I first highlighted her hair to add some dimension throughout. I wanted some of her blonde to be brighter than others so when we glazed it would take differently and more dimensional to each strand of her hair.”

Dimensional colors are definitely in for spring and summer and monotone strands are so out. For a more lived-in finish and naturally-looking textured, effortless strands, adding multiple hues for subtle contrast can be just what your hair needs for life and body. Wondering why no matter how much you curl and style your hair, the perfect wave just doesn’t shine through? It’s the color that’s throwing you off and varying tones can really show off a hairstyle by reflecting light at different frequencies.

Rose Gold Strawberry Bronde Hair

“I always like to add some type of highlight to my reds and then re-glaze them because it gives a more lived in look,” says Ryan, who perfected this strawberry blonde hue. For blondes wishing to transition to something more fiery, it’s all about semi-permanent colors. This deposits color without damaging your strands and often leaves a shinier, more glossy finish.

“I first glazed Ashley’s hair with REDKEN shades EQ as just as a base coat, something a bit more brown at the root and then fiery through the midshafts and ends.” This gives depth to the color and allows the grow-out to be less dramatic. “I then went over the color with shades EQ Cream. This has more potency than regular shades EQ. I let this sit on zone 1 and 2 for 8 mins and ran it through zone 3 for 2 mins. Generally when I do a color like this I will do 2 to 3 glazes just to ensure the depth of the color as well as longevity.”

Rose Gold Strawberry Bronde Hair

So what exactly is strawberry bronde? It’s deeper than the natural red-head look of a strawberry blonde and just a tad more fiery. Plus, let this shade lighten up after a few shampoos and you’ve got rose-gold perfection.

“I love this color for the summer, but depending on your skin tone, you might want to add more blonde bits throughout to make it more suitable for the individual.”

You can follow @ryanpearl23 for more #manespiration.

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