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Strawberry Brunette Is the Ultimate Springtime Color Refresh

Strawberry brunette is the color refresh we can’t stop obsessing over. With Kendall Jenner acting as lead inspo, this highly saturated hue is gorgeously understated. As if you need any convincing to take the plunge and decorate your mane in this springtime shade all year long, we reached out to Shvonne Perkins, lead educator at Madison Reed for her expert take.

It’s a Timeless Shade

“If you look back in beauty history, anytime someone has this hair color, it is eye-catching and trend invoking. This shade sells itself because it can be striking and glamorous or look soft, natural, and bohemian. So many women have wanted to try reds but typical ‘dyed red’ hair scares some people away. Strawberry brunette (or blonde) is warm, inviting, and versatile,” Shvonne tells us of the timeless look.

How to Get the Strawberry Brunette Hair Color

According to Shvonne, you can get the look whether you layer red on top of brunette or create a brunette overlay over red locks. “Either way this tone just makes hair and skin sing,” she emphasizes. “What’s so striking about this shade is that it’s so friendly to the eye with soft makeup and bronzer, or you can make it pop and look very old Hollywood with a simple eye and red lip. It’s just pretty, and you’ll never not notice this hair in a room. You can commit to this via permanent color or use a tinted mask with copper to overlay your existing shade and flirt with this shade to see if it works with your skin. Zucca Color Therapy Mask by Madison Reed is great because it has buildable results. The more often you use it, the more copper pigment you’ll see.”

Best Strawberry Brunette Shades

So, who can pull off this distinct color? “The answer to this is surprising and gets stuck in beauty myth territory,” says Shvonne. “Strawberry shades are actually best for people with a little bit of warmth to their skin already. I hear women say all the time, I can’t have gold or red tones because I already have pinkish skin and don’t want to add to that. That couldn’t be more wrong. Start looking at photos of strawberry brunettes and you’ll see this common thread of warm complexions. It’s incredibly flattering,” she notes. “Strawberry blonde is beautiful across all skin tones, it’s just a matter of finding the ideal red for your undertones. For example, if you have olive-toned skin, your ideal red probably has a bit more cool violet flavor to it.”

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