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Streaky Highlights Are Trending—Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Streaky, color-blocked highlights are trending in a major way. Call it a nod to the early aughts or backlash to perfectly blended ombré, but a color that commands its own presence is the new cool girl request. To find out all about the look—from who should try it, to what to know about placement—we checked in with colorists in L.A. and London.

Colorists Amy Fish and Harriet Muldoon at the Larry King Salon in London are used to fielding questions about the style and giving their clients bold color. “We call the chunky highlights we do on the hairline, Rogue Blonde,” they tell us. “It’s fun and wearable for everyone—people like to make a statement and stand out, and this hair color is the perfect opportunity,” they say. “To be really brave add a flash of color to your chunky highlights,” they advise, noting the look isn’t just for teens.

Chloe Gross, hair color specialist and HAI Beauty Concepts consultant confesses that the desire to try something new inspired her to first create the look. “I had been wanting to do a blocky prism look and I had never tried anything like it. I wanted to use the entire color palette and my client let me have full reign in the decision-making on color placement so I went for it,” she explains.

Confidence is key to pulling off the chunky highlights look, which is highly recommended for anyone who’s looking for a new spin on their look. “I would say this color is best for someone who is ready for something fun. I never put age or look really on anything I do. As long as they’re confident in the color, I think they’d be able to pull it off,” Chloe adds.

Though the possibilities for streaky highlights are endless, Chloe is partial to the way the look appears on wavy hair. “It shows off the colors and vibrancy a lot more,” she says.

When mood boarding your best color combination, there’s no need to limit yourself by defaulting to the safest option—this style is meant to be worn out loud. Just remember that where your highlights live may be more important than the color itself. “While there are definitely colors that look better together than others, most times placement is key with a variation of colors,” says Chloe.

Ultimately, there’s a lot to love about the style, especially because it’s so exaggerated that it isn’t meant to look natural. Owning the fact that you do have highlights and didn’t “wake up like this” is kind of refreshing. “What I love most is how it looks holographic, almost like we are lighting the color onto hair; it almost doesn’t look real,” says Chloe.

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