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NEED TO KNOW: Calling all Hairstylists! It’s time to use Styleseat…

Style Seat

Calling all hair stylists!! Are you looking for an easier way to book your appointments? StyleSeat is an amazing new app that makes booking appointments a piece of cake for both you and your clients. Through the easy to use app and website, you can meet new clients, promote yourself, and let users book their own appointments, on their own time. This allows for 24/7 bookings, automated appointment reminders, newsletters, and custom marketing through your unique profile. Another added bonus? Clients can pay through the app so you are left without any fuss of dealing with payment or exchanging money. This amazing new service is a game changer in the beauty industry. It’s almost surprising an app like this hasn’t already been out on the market!

Sign up using this link to learn more: StyleSeat.com/maneaddicts

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