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Stylist Spotlight: Becca Romine Is the Lived-In Whisperer of Atlanta, Georgia

We owe a lot to the stylists in our life, and also those we come across by way of social media. Not only do they keep our strands in tip-top shape, but they even take on the role of confidant and/or friend. Given how much stylists support us through the thick and thin of life, we wanted to return the favor. Stylist Spotlight highlights hairstylists, colorists, extensionists, and more who have made quite an impact in our lives and on our social media feeds.

Mane Addicts interview with Atlanta hairstylist Becca Romine | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Mood Salon)

We don’t quite remember when Mood Salon hairstylist Becca Romine popped up on our Instagram feed, but we’re so glad she did. As lovers of the lived-in look, we found ourselves mesmerized by Romine’s masterful way of blending low-maintenance with high-impact. Her hues are bold and vibrant, yet appear ever-so-natural to the untrained eye—and that’s something we love to see. With Romine’s certification in hand-tied extensions, she seamlessly adds length and volume to every hairstyle she creates.

Apart from her skills as a lived-in colorist and extensionist, we appreciate her uplifting Instagram posts and relatable sense of humor showcased in her IG Reels. Should you find yourself in Woodstock, Georgia, be sure to visit the Mood Salon and ask for Romine—but first, let’s get acquainted with the stylist.

Mane Addicts: What inspired you to become a hairstylist?

Becca Romine: Making people feel beautiful on the outside just like they truly are on the inside.

MA: What do you love most about what you do?

BR: I love meeting new people and learning all the new things this industry has to offer.

MA: What’s the biggest challenge about your work?

BR: The biggest challenge that I seem to face in my work is being a perfectionist.

MA: What do you wish more people knew about what you do?

BR: I wish people could understand more about the science of hair and products, so more people could take better care of their hair.

MA: How do your clients inspire you?

BR: They inspire me each and every day by keeping me up to date on all the trends whether it’s hair, fashion, or social media.

MA: Who is your dream client and why?

BR: Honestly, my current clientele—someone low maintenance who loves a good lived-in look with either a shaggier cut or a long layered cut…and maybe throw some extensions in the mix.

MA: What are some of the best life lessons you’ve learned as a hairstylist?

BR: Sometimes a mistake can be a miracle.

MA: What’s one major mistake you’ve learned the most from?

BR: You can’t please everyone and you just might not be the stylist for everyone.

MA: Does where you live inspire your work in any way?

BR: I feel like being near Atlanta has inspired me because there are so many different trends and so many different ways to achieve different looks. I’ve also made many friends in this industry in this area and we all inspire each other and build each other up instead of competing with one another.

MA: How can people support your work?

BR: The best way people can support me is shoutouts on social media and referrals. I know I have a great team behind me rooting me on.

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