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5 Subtle Yet Noticeable Ways to Change Up Your Hair for Back-to-School

There are two types of students: ones who want to go back to school with a bang, and ones who don’t like a ton of attention.  If you’re the latter, no pressure—there’s no rule saying you have to come back with a pastel-purple mane or a shaved head. But even if you’re not the biggest proponent of hair change, it can’t hurt to walk back onto campus with even a slight switch-up. Keep reading for subtle, yet noticeable ways to change up your hairstyle for back-to-school.

1. Hair accessories

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed a boom in hair accessories this past year—especially over summer break. The trend has hit an ultimate high, and if you have yet to explore it, back-to-school is the time. Whether it be a headscarf, diamond-adorned barrette, studded hair clip, or colorful headband, giving your otherwise ordinary hair some added glitz and glam is sure to get you noticed, without overdoing it.


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2. Lowlights

Highlights are tricky, because even if you get them minimally, then can definitely catch the eye. Unless you go super subtle—which, in that case, what’s even the point?—they’re unlikely to go unnoticed. Lowlights, on the other hand, involve darkening strands of your hair by using colors that are darker than your natural shade. These are perfect for when you want people to look at you and notice a change, without being able to put their finger on just what you did differently. Another idea? Try adding a pop of color. 


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3. Mild layers

Layers give hair some added body, so if last year you had straight, limp locks, getting some subtle layers will make your hair a bit bouncier, even adding some natural wave (depending on your hair’s thickness).


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4. Get a keratin treatment

The good ol’ keratin is a game-changer. The hour-long process provides a longtime solution to a frizzy, damaged, overwhelming mane. Not only does this procedure make your hair sleeker and easier to style each morning, it keeps it from getting out of sorts by midday. Prepare for your classmates to wonder if you now get blowouts daily.


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5. Change your part

If you really want to keep your new look subdued, yet still want to change things up just a tad, changing your part is the way to go. Much like getting lowlights, it’s one of those things where people will kinda notice a difference, but won’t be able to put their finger on just what you changed. Even though not major, it’s always fun to play with your part, as parts shape your face differently.


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