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MANESPIRATION: Suki Waterhouse Becomes the New Face of Redken

Suki Waterhouse for Redken It’s official! Suki Waterhouse is Redken’s new muse; and her gorgeous golden mane for Diamond Oil Glow Dry literally takes our breath away. Suki Waterhouse for Redken Suki is no stranger to jaw-dropping #manemoments with an effortless bedhead style and signature look (blonde with a side of bangs), but we’ve never seen her waves look quite so sleek. In the new campaign, her hair is a cascading waterfall of glossy curls. Suki Waterhouse for Redken The beautiful Brit, who’s also the face of Burberry, has quickly become known in her own right as a blonde bombshell. So we were a bit surprised when she went over to the dark side with brunette strands for a role in a film earlier this year. Either way, we love that Suki’s willing to experiment with her look and always rocks it out regardless of the color!

Suki Waterhouse for Redken

Suki’s sexy new hairstyle is major #manespiration gold!

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