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Why I’m Trading My Traditional Curling Iron For Sultra’s Oval Wand

Every now and then a new product comes along and casually upends my carefully curated haircare routine. Sultra’s Oval Wand is THAT product.

My hair has what I would describe as little-to-no wave. In order to get a little bounce and body, I usually use a reliable classic curling iron with a 1″ barrel to create an array of tight ringlets. I then furiously brush out these coils, spritz my mane with a light-hold mist, and then head on my merry way.

That is until I tried Sultra’s game changing oval wand. With unique shape and a comfortable grip, this revolutionary styling tool is my absolute new go-to. Read on to find out why!

Sultra Oval Wand: $99

Via Amazon

The Design

First of all, Sultra’s wand has impeccable design. Crafted with Advanced Care ceramic technology, this curling rod is lightweight and low impact– ideal for waving without worrying about damage. While the 1 1/2″ barrel is generally larger than I go for given my mid-length mane, it’s actually the perfect size for creating those undone, zig-zag curls. Heating to a constant 395 degrees, it takes just seconds to get bombshell waves that last all day. Sultra’s oval wand also comes with a heat-proof glove and an iron pad

The Style

I won’t lie,  it takes a little while to get used to the oval shape. Curling with a traditional iron turns out smooth coils every time, while the oval takes a little bit of practice in order to eliminate any odd bends. But once I got the hang of this curling rod, I was absolute in love with it. The oval shape creates gorgeous, undulating, undone curls. My tresses were essentially tousled on contact. Pro tip: try holding the iron diagonal as you wrap your strands around the barrel, this eliminates bumps for a smooth, natural-looking wave. A touch of shine mist, some texturizing spray on the ends and voila! A bombshell mane in minutes!

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