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Hair Jewelry is Summer 2021’s Biggest Accessory Trend

Forget everything you know about hair accessories – summer 2021 is all about hair jewelry.

Stunning, studded pins and baubles are the glowy, gorgeous way to enhance your summer mane. From gem-crusted bobbies to stone-laden barrette sets, hair jewelry is that glamorous pop our quarantine manes are craving. This accessory trend is also ultra-versatile. Whether woven throughout a braid or pinned throughout a pony, hair jewelry adds a glitzy pop to any aesthetic.

We’re ready to rock this trend until further notice. So add these 6 hair accents to your repertoire ASAP.

1. Jennifer Behr Chrysalis Bobby Pins: $325

Time to transform your summer hair – literally. These dainty butterfly pins are the prim and pretty solution to a drab quarantine mane. Pop them into any braid for a bejeweled burst of beauty.

Jennifer Behr Chrysalis Bobby Pins | Mane Addicts

Via Jennifer Behr


2. Serefina Astria Hair Pin Set: $58

Give your tresses an out-of-this-world aesthetic. These gem-encrusted baubles are from-another-galaxy good.

Serefina Astria Hair Pin Set | Mane Addicts


3. ASOS Design Pack of 6 Hair Rings: $9

ASOS has something for everyone – like these adorable floral hair rings. Adorn your braids and ponies with these simple but stunning baubles.

ASOS Design Pack of 6 Hair Rings | Mane Addicts


4. Anthropologie Floral Hair Pin Set: $24

A bit of gold never hurt anybody. With a set of 4 shimmering accessories, your summer mane is sure to be on point.

Anthropologie Floral Hair Pin Set | Mane Addicts

Via Anthropologie

5. Urban Outfitters Vintage Daisy Set of Three Barrettes: $12

Three pieces is all it takes to put together the perfect summer ensemble. We’re loving the color palette in this vintage collection.

Urban Outfitters Vintage Daisy Set of Three Barrettes | Mane Addicts

Via Urban Outfitters

6. Free People Dancin’ in the Moonlight Hair Rings: $22

These cosmic accessories are super unique. Celestial strands are just within reach with these decorative hair rings.

Free People Dancin' in the Moonlight Hair Rings | Mane Addicts

Via Free People

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