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7 Stunning Summer Hair Color Trends for Blondes

Summer has officially arrived and it’s time for all our blondies to live out their bombshell fantasy with a shade update this season. Whether you’re thinking of going blonde or already are, we have a few summer hair color trends for blondes that will spruce your hue right up. To shimmer this summer, try out one of the hair color trends below!

Strawberry Blonde

For those not fully ready to hop on the copper train, strawberry blonde is a perfect in-between shade. And so fitting for summer. The pinkish hues will have you feeling light and fun all summer long.

Champagne Blonde

Jalyn Park Smith, colorist at Space by Alex Brown, notes that this hue will be pretty popular among blondes this summer. “It’s a kiss of warmth that looks beautiful on blondes and can safely lift to a level 9 or 10. This is great for blondes who have been blonde for a long time and want to get a little ‘risky’ with their color without completely changing their overall blonde,” she shares.


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Oat Milk Blonde

If you thought oat milk was just a milk substitute for your morning cup of joe, oh were you wrong. It also makes for one heck of a hair color. Oat milk blonde has been seen on a number of celebs as of late, making it one of the top summer hair color trends for blondes this year. A beige-tinted tone, it offers a more neutral take on blonde.


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Rooted Blonde

“A rooted blonde gives a bit more depth to hair. If committing to this route, you can create a beautiful contrast of highlights and lowlights,” notes Jalyn. “The dark, or slightly darker, root can also help create an illusion of fullness. This is great for the blondes who don’t want to commit to upkeep every six to eight weeks or want to transition to brunette. For example, the gorgeous Hailey Bieber became a brunette over the pandemic. There was a seamless transition, with her stylist occasionally lightening the front face-framing hair and her ends.”

Vanilla Blonde

This creamy blonde shade may be a summer hair color trend for blondes now, though it’s definitely been a round for quite some time. With stars like Sydney Sweeney donning the hue, it’s not wonder vanilla blonde has seen a rise in popularity over the past few months.


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Buttercream Blonde

Jalyn shares that this blonde is all about embracing warmth for the summer. ” I think it looks best when there are highlights and lowlights throughout the hair to help create movement and dimension,” she says of the hue.


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Playboy Blonde

Taking off in the spring, the Playboy blonde hair color trend will definitely continue into fall. Inspired by the ’90s and ’00s hair colors of the time, Playboy blonde will help you live out the hot girl summer you’ve always dreamed of having.


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