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How To Transition Your Hair From Summer to Fall This Year

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September 22nd marks the first day of fall but when it comes to our fall to summer hair color transition? Psh, you know we’re forgoing official dates. This year pastels and balayage continued popping up, but as beach days die down, it’s time to level up on fall’s fierce-o-meter. We tapped Ramirez Tran colorist Ariel Hauck for her tips on how to transition out of our summer strands and into on-trend fall tresses—keep scrolling for her suggestions based on your current hair color and skin tone. Hint: Cool tones are going to be huge.

Cool Tones are In

Almost every girl ponders if they should go dark for fall, and the answer is yes, you should. I predict that girls will be going dark but still keeping pretty bright pops of baby blonde. Although ombré is almost now over, the new trend is having high contrast from brown to blonde but higher up and more blended. Brunettes can have both as long as they are choosing the right colorist. Cool tones are definitely popular, warmth is out and honestly doesn’t usually look good on any skin tone.

Low Maintenance is a Must

Fall is all about low maintenance. Summer is fun and most people have a bit more free time to go into their colorist and change things up. Fall is leading to holidays and family time so choose a color that can last a couple more months than your normal bright, sunny summer color! Baby lights are a great way to keep things soft but also stay low maintenance! Who wants chunky highlights, anyways?

Transition Safely

Switch your hair up right when fall hits, why wait?! Clients are already coming in to try and switch it up. But be patient with your colorist! We are not miracle workers but with our help we can make your hair super healthy and beautiful.  DO a good masque once a week for 10-15 minutes and go see your colorist for glosses every couple of months.

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Ariel’s fall hair color suggestions for someone whose current summer color is:

  • Blonde balayage- Try to go a bit cooler, maybe even icy and silver.
  • Red hair- Go deeper! Deeper and richer is gorgeous for fall and beautiful on the right skin tone.
  • Pastel/bubblegum pink hair- If your hair is already pastel, trying enhancing it with a more deep rich color, pastel is very summer and coachella vibes, now that its fall switch it up with something still bold but richer, you’re already there, so why not?

Ariel’s top fall color picks for someone with:

  • Warm skin tone- Cool tones will be your best friend.
  • Cool skin tone- Most people assume warmth, but I do think staying more neutral with your color will complement you best.
  • Dark skin tone- Keep depth!!!! Most girls with dark hair crave to be blonde but keep your depth and caramel tones will always be your best suit.


A post shared by Ariel Hauck (@ariel_hauck) on


But wait–don’t get your hair colored before reading this first.

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