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3 Ways To Embrace Summer Weather Hair

Curly Beach Hair

Big hair is amazing—that is, when it’s intentional. Humidity can be the ultimate enemy of slick and sleek hairdos. To help us understand our mane’s not-so-fierce situation during warm weather is celebrity hairstylist Jill Crosby.

“A lot of my clients can tell that their hair is more voluminous in the summer, but they don’t actually know why. In addition to the warmer weather and humidity that can cause the cuticle to expand creating more volume, the hair growth cycle is in the telogen (resting) phase during the warmer months, meaning that it remains attached to the follicle so hair is at its fullest prior to the phase in which it begins to shed,” says Jill. “This is actually a unique protective feature—our hair grows thicker during the summer months to help protect against UV rays, which are stronger in the summer.”

As the season starts to heat up, Jill has you covered with some essential tips and tricks to combat “summer hair.” Read on below.


 “Summer is the perfect time to embrace your natural waves. Work with your natural texture to create fuss-free beachy waves. For this look a little salt spray goes a long way! Flip your head upside down and gently “scrunch” and twist. You can air dry or use your blow dryer on low to medium heat if you want a bit more control.”


 “Between the sun, salt and pool summer can be harsh on hair. An easy low-maintenance cut that allows you to refrain from the use of hot tools on your hair is an easy way to wear a new look and keep hair a bit healthier. If you opt for a cut with long layers this will help to create added texture and work as a great base for those summer beach waves.”


“Thinning or loss due to the change in weather will regrow during the next growth cycle starting in the fall, but hair loss exceeding 50 to 100 hairs could be considered a form of more serious loss such as hereditary hair loss. If you do have hereditary hair loss, I recommend Women’s ROGAINE® Foam to treat the condition and regrow hair. It’s an easy-to-use foam formula with the highest concentration of minoxidil (5%) and it fits into anyone’s morning or evening beauty regimen. Additionally, it can be used on color treated or chemically processed hair and with other styling products.”  

For more tips on protecting your strands from the sun, click here.

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