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Summer Wedding Hairstyles for the Curly Haired Bride

Consider this post an unofficial love letter to all my curly-haired brides this summer. If you’re looking for the wedding hairstyle of your dreams, but don’t want to heat style, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll through below for all the summer bridal inspiration your curly hair (and heart) will ever need👰🏽💞. 

1. Pinned Back Low Ponytail

If you favor simplicity for your bridal look, opt for this stunning pinned back low pony. Not much styling is required, but a good smoothing balm will come in handy. All you’ll need for this look is a simple elastic or even bobby pins will work to keep your pony in place.

2. Floral Hair Piece

There’s truly nothing more flawless than a floral accessory nestled into a head of natural curls. It acts as the perfect compliment to just about any wedding gown and can even act as a way to pin curls away from your face. This will leave no room for any hair to stick to your makeup while walking down the aisle. Not an option.

3. Bridal Fauxhawk

I mean, a fauxhawk on natural hair!? Genius. This elegant updo pairs nicely with large earrings or no accessories at all really. It makes a unique statement without being too over the top. It also works for many different curl types from 3A all the way to 4C.

4. Accessorized Curly Side Part

Another uncomplicated yet totally stunning look is a simple curly side part with an accessory of your choice. This style works well for shorter curls that aren’t prone to frizz as thicker hair might tend to puff out after a short while. Something you’ll definitely want to avoid on your big day.

5. Long Curly Braid

For my extra long curlies, let me present you with your absolute dream wedding hair. A long, flowing waterfall braid with woven beads will enhance your natural curls so gloriously at a summer wedding that we have no words. Heart eyes all around.

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