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NEED TO KNOW: Sun Safe Hair

We’re taught from a young age how important it is to protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun. However, what they don’t tell you in school is just how harmful that sunshine can be for your hair!. Whether you’ve got a sunburned scalp or brittle, dry ends, here are some easy, quick tips that will keep your hair looking healthy and strong all summer long.

wet hair

For those of you with a parched part, a great way to keep your scalp feeling fresh is to apply sunscreen directly to your part and any other visible areas of skin around the hairline. Try using a sun stick made for the face instead of a traditional liquid sunblock to keep hair from getting greasy. For an even easier solution, simply slick your hair back and put it up! This is guaranteed to keep your scalp completely covered and away from the eyes of the unrelenting sun.

summer blonde hair

If you’re concerned about split ends or dryness, look no further than your kitchen pantry! Not just great for cooking, coconut oil is well known in the beauty world for its moisturizing properties and its alluring scent. Because the chemical components of coconut oil are so similar to the oils your body naturally produces, it’s an extremely easy ingredient for your hair to absorb. This makes coconut oil highly effective for boosting the overall shine and strength of your hair. Apply generously from two inches below the ears to keep your roots from getting greasy. To ensure amazing results, leave the coconut oil on overnight before rinsing clean.

wet hair

If summer has left you with all-around dry, lackluster locks, take refuge from the sun with a little help from handy dandy hair accessories! Hats and headbands can be instrumental tools for sun protection. Not only do these accessories cut your prep time in half, but it’s also the only true way to completely shield your hair and scalp from the sun. In addition, clipping your hair up in a bun or rocking a ponytail are both great style alternatives that help you look great, while keeping your hair safe! Practice safe sun this summer, and all year round with these low-maintenance beauty solutions.

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