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As a Woman With Textured Hair Who Exercises Often, I’m SO Glad I Found This Brand

As someone who has textured hair and spends a good amount of time working out, I was beyond excited to discover hair care brand Sunday II Sunday

Sunday II Sunday products are specifically designed for those who live an active lifestyle and experience significant moisture loss in the process. They’re designed to restore hydration and undo any damage caused by buildup and your workout environment. This is essential, especially if you have mad curly hair. If that’s not enough to convince you, read on for what the brand’s founder and CEO, Keenan Beasley, and director of research and development, Dr. Jennifer Davis Alexander, had to share about their game-changing products.

Mane Addicts: Tell us a little bit more about your brand’s origin story. What inspired you to create these products?

Keenan Beasley: I saw a statistic that said 40% of black women weren’t working out because of their hair and that changed everything for me. The fact that a huge population of women was compromising on both their health and enjoyment because of their hair was simply something I had to help solve. Growing up, the women in my life were so active and truly inspired me each and every day. My mom and niece are swimmers and my sister was a track and cheerleading athlete. I truly feel that nothing should hold anyone back from living their life to the fullest. We believe life is an adventure and you shouldn’t have to compromise because of your hair.

MA: When you were formulating your products, what factors did you consider most important?

Dr. Jennifer Davis Alexander: I wanted to be sure our products provided solutions specific to an active lifestyle that would help maintain the health of the hair and scalp while preserving the look of a hairstyle.

MA: We love that Sunday II Sunday is designed specifically for the active woman. What do you think are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their post-workout haircare routine?

JDA: Two of the biggest mistakes active women make include not removing sweat from the scalp or replenishing moisture after a workout. As women work out, sweat and sebum combine and form a coating on the scalp to cool the body. If this coating is not removed post-workout, it can cause or exacerbate dryness, irritation, itch, and hair breakage. Additionally, moisture should be replenished post-workout because the salt found in sweat dries out the hair and scalp. This can lead to dry and brittle hair strands.

MA: What are the key ingredients an active woman needs to maintain proper scalp health?

JDA: An active woman needs ingredients that will gently cleanse, soothe, and protect the scalp. She also needs ingredients that will help her fight itch, replenish moisture, and promote hair growth. Micellar water and apple cider vinegar work well together to gently remove dirt and sweat while minimizing odor, and both of these ingredients can be found in our Root Refresh Micellar Rinse. Argan oil is also a great moisturizer that forms a protective coating on the scalp and hair, helping to fight breakage and frizz. It can be found in our Revive Me Daily Moisturizing Spray or our 100% pure argan essential oil. Peppermint oil is another great ingredient for soothing the scalp and can be found in our Soothe Me Scalp Serum.

MA: Which of your products are best for extremely textured hair? What about braids and locs?

JDA: All of our products work well with extremely textured hair because they were designed with this hair type in mind. Post-workout, Root Refresh is great for gently cleansing the scalp, and Revive Me helps fight frizz by replenishing moisture. To minimize hair breakage, Edge Flourish can be used during a workout as a protective barrier between hair and scarves, or headbands. For styles like braids and locs, I recommend Revive Me to gently cleanse, Soothe Me to fight itch, and Edge Flourish to fight breakage that can often result from tension put on the hair from protective styles.

Still not convinced you need these products? Find out what else excessive exercise can do to your hair HERE.

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