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Sunday II Sunday Is the Black-Owned Clean Beauty Business of Every Gym-Goer’s Dreams

After finding out about the newly launched Sunday II Sunday, founded by Keenan Beasley, I wanted to know more. The brand fills a niche for women with natural hair who don’t want to choose between their appearance and skipping a workout. Here’s everything you need to know about the brand, as told by Keenan himself.

The Inspiration

The brand was inspired by an alarming statistic on hair and health. “I found that 40% of Black women weren’t working out because of their hair,” says Keenan. “I thought there needed to be a solution, so women didn’t have to make a compromise between their health/enjoyment and their hair.”

Before founding Sunday II Sunday, Keenan worked in the industry on the consumer side. His impressive resume includes founding his own advertising agency BLKBOX to being the youngest Marketing VP at L’Oréal and also leading Johnson & Johnson to break into the Afro-Latina marketplace. “We shared a lot of research on consumer trends and how hair performs,” says Keenan. He took a hands-on approach working with the brand’s research team to find data specific to ethnic women.  

The Meaning Behind the Name

Sunday isn’t just a day of rest, as Keenan explains. “Often times in the ethnic and textured hair communities, Sunday’s are known as the dreaded wash day. This puts pressure on women to avoid certain activities like working out so that wash day doesn’t come around sooner than expected. I wanted to create a brand that helped extend the quality and life of hair between wash days, hence from Sunday to Sunday.”

Athleticism and Haircare

When it comes to hair, you can almost always predict what kind of day you’re going to have by checking the weather. “The key factor to healthy hair is management of unwanted moisture, including sweat,” says Keenan. “We want to ensure that women are comfortable sweating as an athlete and just in everyday activities like dancing.”

Brands That Make an Impact

We think everyone should shop smart, after all, your purchasing decisions equal power. “Sunday II Sunday, is birthed out of the desire to make an impact,” notes Keenan. “We are a digital-first business focused on self-care and athleisure beauty. Our philosophy is that healthy hair starts at the scalp. We aim to provide the textured hair woman with the tools needed to make it easy for her to transition throughout her day, so she can focus on living life to the fullest while we take care of the bounce back of her hair.”

Not only did we interview the founder, but we also tried some Sunday II Sunday products. Read our entire review HERE!

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