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Yes, You Need These 7 Sunscreens for Your Hair

Sunscreen for your hair is a necessity. It isn’t just to keep your face and body protected from the sun’s harmful rays—oh, no. Hair sunscreens are your scalp and strands’ best defense against damage caused by the sun. Regular SPF for your face or body simply won’t cut it on your head, however. That’s why we found the best of the best hair sunscreens for your precious tresses. Shop them now!

Philip Kingsley Sun Shield: $38

This hair sunscreen is well worth the splurge. Made with elastin and meadowfoam oil, it’s your hairs best defense against dryness and damage caused by UV rays.

Philip Kingsley Sun Shield

(via Neiman Marcus)

Drybar Hot Toddy: $29

Drybar’s Hot Toddy heat protectant has been recommended by a number of haircare professionals. Not only does it protect against sun damage for every type of hair, but it also smells fantastic.

Drybar Hot Toddy

(via Sephora)

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil: $36

A 16-hour UV-defense mist, Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil is the waterproof tool you need in your beauty arsenal once the weather heats up.

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

(via Aveda)

Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray: $30

Who doesn’t already own a million Moroccanoil products? Well, it’s time to purchase another. This Protect & Prevent Spray is perfect for those with color-treated hair.

Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray

(via Sephora)

Sun Bum Heat Protector: $14.99

Sun Bum has a slew of products that smell incredible, and this one is no exception. Keep your strands smelling fresh, all while protecting them from heat, frizz, and UV rays with this hair sunscreen.

Sun Bum Heat Protector

(via Ulta)

Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray: $34.75

We love this particular sunscreen, because it works for both your hair and body. Non-greasy and water-resistant, your strands will feel silky smooth even after swimming in the ocean.

Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray

 (via Walmart)

Supergoop Poof 100% Mineral Part Powder: $34

Protect your scalp with this SPF 45 powder spray. It’ll also keep the oil and grease at bay.

Supergoop Poof 100% Mineral Part Powder

(via Supergoop)

Other than using hair sunscreen, HERE are seven ways to protect your hair from pollution.

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