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5 Hairstyles We Hope J.Lo Wears During Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

J.Lo has done it all!

From decades of performing, to acting, to releasing albums, making appearances—you name it, she’s been all over it. So, it only makes sense she’s rocked a slew of hairstyles over her years in the limelight.

As she megastar prepares to hit centerstage during the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, we’ve rounded up five of her former hairstyles we think would be perfect for the big event. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Long Pony

We love a good ponytail, and J.Lo made this one pop by accentuating her baby hairs. The pony should hold up pretty well, making way for the pop star to perform at her finest!

Luscious Locks

Leave it to J.Lo to rock a full head of hair and still perform effortlessly. If she can do it at Madison Square Garden, she can do it anywhere!

Bejeweled Babe

If there’s one time to go all out, it’s Super Bowl, baby! We’d love to see the singer dripped in jewels on Sunday like she is in the photo below.

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Met Ball 2019 here we come… 💗

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Casual Chic

We’re never ones to turn down a classic bob, and this ‘do from a Quay ad is no exception. It’s effortlessly chic, yet short enough not to get in the way of lots of movement.

High Bun

We absolutely live for a high bun moment, and J.Lo never fails to wear the look remarkably. If she rocks this style on Sunday, she’ll look stylish as ever without having to worry about a hair out of place!

If you love J.Lo’s topknot as much as we do, HERE‘s how to create the look yourself!

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