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I Tried the First-Ever Hair Serum Bar, and Here Are My Thoughts!

When it comes to sustainability, Superzero is at the height of its game.

In just a few short months, the clean beauty brand has developed a handful of products (I’m obsessed with their no-waste shampoo bar!) that forgo plastic, bottles, water and harmful packaging. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free. The newest product of note? Their Frizz Fighter hair serum bar.

When a rep for Superzero reached out about sending me a sample product for review, it was a no-brainer. Not only does the brand’s ethos align with me, but I’ve had a positive experience with their products up to this point.

The Product

Unlike the shampoo bar, the hair serum bar is pretty tiny (but heavily concentrated). It’s extremely hot in sunny SoCal right now, so when my package arrived at my Los Angeles doorstep, my bar was a little melted. The instructions specifically state to store the bar in a cool, dry place as it will soften in heat. A little piece was broken off when it arrived, but I quickly threw the package in the fridge to salvage its use.

The bar is $22, and weighs 0.8 oz. Its hero ingredient is Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil, and the product’s overall purpose is to reduce frizz and flyaways, minimize combing force, enhance thermal protection and promote softness and shine. It can be applied to dry or towel-dried hair.

SuperZero Frizz Fighter Serum Bar: $22

via Superzero

The Experience

Once I removed the product from the fridge, I did as the packaging instructed and gently massaged the bar between my dry hands. There was a light, fruity, noninvasive aroma that came from the formula. I couldn’t tell off the bat, but it’s grapefruit. I rubbed for about 10 seconds until the bar melted into nothing and felt like an oil or cream on my hands. From there, I rubbed my hands on top of my hair on both sides of my part. As promised, the product weighed down my frizz. Unlike with something heavy like a pomade, for example, my hair wasn’t sticky, greasy or weighed down overall. Using a minimal amount, I didn’t feel like I had product in my hair.

Bottom Line

It can be difficult to adjust to using bars (in general—this applies to shampoo, too). But once you play around a bit and get a sense of how much you should use to get the result you want, it’ll come more naturally. I found it easy at first to want to break off a bigger chunk of the bar, but after some trial and error, I realized it didn’t take much to slick down that pesky static.

The product can be applied to the bottom of your hair, too, to avoid the appearance of split ends. The price point may feel a little steep when you first glance at the quantity of product. But if you actually use it sparingly and make sure to keep it from melting away, you should actually get more uses than you’d probably expect.

Ultimately, I feel good using this product. Not only for its actual purpose, but it’s a relief not to feel like I’m throwing a bunch of gunk onto my strands. It’s also easy to transport in its tiny paper box.

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