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Preview SureTint: The Hottest Technology to Hit Salons in Decades

Anybody else geek out a little over new technology? I mean, we are a digital company after all! That’s why when SureTint invited us to join them at the Spring Intercoiffure Atelier in Boca Raton to help present their game-changing technology Mia™ we jumped at the opportunity!

Mia™ by SureTint in short is an app for your iPad (soon to be added to iPhone) that stores your clients color formulas ridding you of the ancient paper tracking method, streamlines the color bar process, and saves your time, money, product, and sanity — I’ll break it down more for you soon, but for now I have to show how amazing this tool is by letting you preview what Master Colorist George Papanikolas did with the app in just one day.

See how George created this to-die-for custom hair color forecast for the ICA using Mia™ by SureTint in just a few hours, below.

Take a closer look at each of the hair colors he customized and sound off below on which you’re going to be taking in for your next appointment in the comments below! And don’t forget to tag your colorist so they can get Mia™ for themselves!


Intense reds with Red-Copper undertones are making a huge spring debut.


Modern Ombre

The look is making a comeback with a softer more balanced approach with soft face framing highlights. 


Super pale, delicate blonde that takes the color to is extreme.


A huge spring trend which allows the colorist to seamlessly blend multiple tones into the hair creating an ultra natural effect.


A delicate shade between Brunette and Blonde.

Check out Mia4salon.com for more info on the must have colorist app and @georgepapanikolas for more #manespiration.

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