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The Salon Software System Hair Colorists NEED For Saving and Sharing Formulas

George Papanikolas SureTint
If you’re a hair colorist, you know the feeling of remorse that follows every time you over estimate how much color you need. Watching your dollars go down the drain as you rinse your still half-full (not half empty, we’re optimists over here) color bowls is just as frustrating as constantly leaving your client to re-mix underestimated color. Thankfully, a salon software now exists that’ll solve your color waste woes—SureTint Mia (My Intelligent Assistant), a cloud-based technology software that acts as a personal assistant by managing color use, capturing work flow and providing real business insight and solutions.
Not only will SureTina MIA allow you to catch real-time data for reports and management, but it also allows you the ability to record cool formulas using Mia and share them with others. This means everyone can learn new techniques (George Papanikolas, we’re eyeing you for that flawless balayage precision), and elevate their game. If you’re a salon owner this means education for your team is readily available and the most coveted hair color formulas are at a click of a button. Don’t let hair color be a mystery. Give your clients what they want and deliver with precision!
This means an enhanced customer experience, a more confident colorist, and less time spent questioning and wasting in the color room. Plus, an increased likelihood for happy clients and rolling in more dough. Who doesn’t want that?!

Visit SureTint to learn more.

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