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19 Sweater Weather Hair Ideas for Winter

While you spend your days in cozy knit sweaters indulging in Postmates and chill on repeat after work or pot-lucking with your co-workers, what’s your hair doing? To help you answer the question without exerting any unnecessary energy, we’ve rounded up 19 sweater weather hair ideas to make your mane look lovely as the leaves turn brown. Scroll through the gallery now for a winter hair overhaul.

Relaxed Bun

We’ll be living in a turtleneck and relaxed bun combo all winter long. The sweater weather hairstyle works for every hair type and is fairy easy to recreate, which makes it one of our favorite styles.

Loose Braid

Pair a bold-hued hat with a loose braid to really stand out during your winter festivities.

Spruced-Up Pony

Throw a handkerchief or scarf in your strands for a spruced-up pony. Headscarves are all the rage these days.

Knotty Low Pony

Complement your sweater with a half-knotted low ponytail.

Turtleneck Tuck

The turtleneck tuck never gets old. Make it new with your favorite accessories and a new turtleneck—you can never have too many.

Au Natural

Add a little mousse to make your natural texture loose.

Fishtail Ponytail

Flaunt a speck of shoulder with a fishtail braid ponytail.

Accesosrized Half-Updo

Give your ‘do sparkle on a gloomy day with a wintery accessory.

Top It Off

A medium-brimmed hat is the perfect way to top off any sweater weather hairstyle you sport.

Braided Pigtails

Whether they’re high or low, braided pigtails are the perfect sweater weather hair look.

Baker Boy Hat

The baker boy hat is a classic winter hairstyle staple.

Untamed Tresses

No one will notice your unbrushed mane under a turtleneck.

Classic Top Knot

Elongate your sweater neck with a top knot.

Bouncy Blowout

Display your new fall hair color with a bouncy blowout.

Half-Up Knot

Half-up hair has cozy written all over it.

Beadhead Waves

Bedhead waves are braver when they’re not out in the open.

Upside Down Braid

Stay in your sweater and show off your braiding skills with this upside-down braided updo.

Basic Beanie

The basic is the quintessential winter hair accessory.

Face-Framing Wisps

Take the cool-girl route with turtleneck attire and exclude face-framing wisps.

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