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Genius Hair Hack: Use a T-Shirt For Voluminous Curls


Naturalistas, we’ve all been there — it’s wash day and you’ve given your hair some much needed TLC; curl definition is on the highest level of fleek and your mane is perfectly hydrated …that is until your frizz-inducing towel ruins it all. Grr! Sacrifice your definition and moisture no more by drying your hair with a t-shirt instead.

Are you saying ditch the towel?

Yes, girl! It may sound strange, but a t-shirt will do more for your curls than a towel. The fibers of a towel can overdry your hair and snag on your hair cuticles, leaving your curls dry and frizzy. The fibers of a t-shirt are softer and can dry your hair without robbing so much moisture. Plus, the microfibers keep your hair shaft flat and smooth for optimum curl definition.


T-shirt drying is really easy. For the best results,  start by pre + shampooing  or co-washing with your favorite products. Don’t forget to detangle and squeeze the excess water out of your hair.

The t-shirt wrap can be done in various ways. Grab an old large cotton t-shirt and wrap your damp hair in whatever way works for you. See some examples below.

Short Hair

The easiest wrap method is putting your hair through the neckline and twisting to the front of your hairline then towards the back to tuck under.

Long Hair

Longer and/or loose curls do best with “the plop method.”  You’ll need an extra large t-shirt for this. Simply lay the t-shirt on a flat surface (like a bed), flip your hair down and gently lower your curls onto the shirt, bring the bottom corners of the shirt towards your forehead and wrap around the nape of your neck, bring the top of the t-shirt down towards your neck and wrap around your head. If that sounded confusing, watch this video for visual explanation.

Any Length

With the neckline of the shirt towards the back of your head, wrap your hair with a t-shirt the same way you would wrap it with a towel.

Leave your t-shirt wrap on for 10-20 minutes (depending on your hair length — longer hair takes more time to dry), be sure not to rub the shirt onto your hair. To maintain moisture and smooth strands, you must be delicate. Wet hair is very fragile. Abrasive handling like rubbing a towel or t-shirt on the strands can lead to breakage and overdrying. Follow up with leave-in conditioner and your favorite oil.

Do you have another unconventional method for drying your hair? Share with us in the comments below!

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