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Adds to Cart: The Smartest Hair Straightener Just Hit Shelves

We’ve used our share of hair straighteners, to say the least. From bare-bones models in the 90s that left our hair dry and stick straight (LBH they were straight up irons) to more recent tools that leave a bit of shine and manageability, we’ve truly tested the waters far and wide. Technology has been changing the game for years and that fact is very apparent in T3’s newest invention: Lucea.

(via T3)

T3 set out to completely revolutionize hair straightening with the Lucea and the tool is meant to be used by all hair types and textures. Lucea is made for anyone looking for versatility and ease. The handy tool and straighten, create volume, flips, waves, and curls all with one single glide.

(via T3)

The secret behind this cool new contraption is the T3 Rapid HeathIQ Technology. Lucea was engineered with a smart microchip and nine digitally-controlled temperature settings. Straighteners of yesteryear damaged your hair beyond repair, but all of the technology in Lucea delivers advanced heat precision that gives results with only one pass.

The nine heat settings also ensure you won’t dial up the heat when it isn’t needed. These settings range from 260-410°F to 127-210°C. They allow you to customize precise heat delivery for every hair texture. Lucea also delivers shiny, frizz-free styles thanks to its proprietary CeraGlossTM Ceramic Plates. The tool delivers exact plate pressure via a precision control hinge that also helps with arm tension.

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