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Best Beach Waves Products Girl With Beach Waves in Bikini

Tousled, textured beach waves are just a spray away!

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According to Christophe Robin, Rita Hazan and Kevin Murphy.

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Perfect for summer.

Salt Hair Damage

Salt ridden formulas can cause over exfoliation and damage.

Surf Hair Beach Wave

Professional surfers are resident beach hair experts. After years and years in salt-water, they can take advantage of texture in ways we can only dream about. That’s not to mention the cali-blonde sun streaks and tanned, toned bodies. Here are 5 Real-Life Pro Surfers worth following for their hair alone. ALANA BLANCHARD If surfing had […]


The only thing scarier than a shark sighting at the beach is realizing the damaging effect salt water has on hair. Sure, the ocean air creates mermaid waves so mesmerizing you’ll want to snapchat a #selfie to everyone in your contact list, but too much exposure and it’s likely to cause brittle, dehydrated locks. But […]

Sahara Ray Blonde Surf Hair

  Everyone wants to be a bronzed goddess in the summer time, but what is one to do when you’ve worked super hard to get the perfect hair color, that isn’t bronze?! Lather that SPF on your tresses just like you do your bod! … Kind of. Before you go lathering greasy suntan lotion on […]

AG Sea Complex Products for Texture

Chances are you’ve heard of AG Hair Care; but AG’s newest texture collection screams major revamp. Infused with a signature sea complex, each product is naturally clarifying, with ingredients like anti-aging seaberry oil and texturizing giant sea kelp which strengthens the hair. Not to mention, the packaging is chic as hell with gorgeous florals floating behind […]

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Summer has officially taken over and the need to hit bronzed status is on everyone’s mind.  But remember, just because you’re in laid-back mode doesn’t mean your poolside mane should lose it’s luster. Because lets face it… that baby blue aqua is the perfect summer selfie backdrop! If you plan on taking a dip, be sure to […]

beach blonde

Now that it’s summertime, people are stepping up their beach game and going to the light side. Lightening your hair can be very damaging if you don’t take good care, especially when spending a lot of time catching waves and rays. While the ocean water can give us the perfect texture, and the UV rays enhance […]

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