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Dry Conditioner

Shop our favorite dry conditioners for healthy hair.

hair mask

Amino acids 101.

You’re going to want to start pre-shampooing ASAP.

Spring 2017 hair products buy now

For some reason, time just seems to move faster in spring, doesn’t it? Our calendars fill up almost instantaneously, which calls for a bit of a shopping spree when it comes to our beauty cabinets. Each year the industry gets better and better, and trust us—spring 2017 hair products do not disappoint. This season, there […]

Moisture Therapy, Hair Mask, Treatment

Whether it’s a result of a kick-ass coloring session or simply the wear and tear of daily heat styling, there are days (or weeks) when my hair feels downright dehydrated. For me, and for most people, dehydrated hair = dull, lifeless, damaged, disagreeable hair. Not cool. Luckily, there are soooo many amazing leave-in-treatment options out […]

Washing Hair

It’s become common knowledge that coconut is just plain awesome. We’re pretty familiar with the wonders its oil-form can do for our hair, but have you heard about the magic of coconut milk? This delicious creamy substance is yummy hair food that supports growth, conditions from within, and hydrates every strand. BENEFITS  Not to be […]

hooded dryer

Hair conditioning is probably the most essential part of your haircare routine. It’s literally the remedy for all hair problems. While a quick 3 minute soak and rinse may leave our hair feeling soft and more manageable, we can always do a little extra for longer lasting results. Let’s talk heated deep conditioners. BENEFITS Besides […]

5 Ways Honey Can Change Your Hair

*slathers honey all over*

beach blonde

Now that it’s summertime, people are stepping up their beach game and going to the light side. Lightening your hair can be very damaging if you don’t take good care, especially when spending a lot of time catching waves and rays. While the ocean water can give us the perfect texture, and the UV rays enhance […]

L'Oreal Professional Paris Mythic Oil Serum de Force, hair treatment, hair oil, hair serum

It’s pure magic.

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