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Philip B Royal Amber Conditioner

Even though it leaves crickets in your bank account.

Get super hydrated strands!

Your piggy bank will love you for this.

Heating caps for treatment masks

Get the most out of your treatment mask.

Lemongrass Hair Products

11 delicious hair products that will spruce up your mane.

Here’s how to beat it.

packets are the new way to travel with your favorite products

Bringing along your fave beauty products just got a whole lot easier.

tea rinse

Who knew tea had so many hair health benefits?

Function shampoo and conditioner in a box

I don’t care how old you are, when you see or receive something with your name on it you are guaranteed to get a little giddy. I mean, we all like things personalized, right? Enter: Function of Beauty, a small but fast growing hair brand that’s taking customization to a whole new level–shampoo and conditioner bottles with your name […]

two toned long hair

We’ve all done it.  You bleach and color till you can’t bleach no more.  Your ends are thrashed, your hair is breaking, and you still insist on a full blowout/flat iron combo every morning.  News flash! Somethings gotta give… and we’re assuming you’re not in the mood to give up.  Thankfully there are deep conditioners out there made for […]

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