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Hair masks

Our 5 faves right now.

Dandruff Cures



Hint: your diet plays a major role.

Flakes on black background

Say bye bye to those pesky flakes.

pink hair pulling

Warning: this might gross you out.

Scalp Detox

We’re schooling you in the scalp detox.

Winter Hair Natural Curls

Winter is a time for comfy sweaters, hot cocoa, snowflakes, and ugh…dry hair. The cold weather is not always kind to our strands, so a winter haircare routine is a must.  We’ve got the remedy for the dry, frizzy, and dull hair issues this season. DRY HAIR Cold dry air + hats and scarves = […]

6 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Change Your Hair

When it comes to finding beauty products in your pantry, it isn’t exactly apple cider vinegar that comes to mind, but it should be. While we hear of foods that have magically beauty powers, and are constantly bombarded by coconut oil’s amazing qualities, apple cider vinegar is the health and beauty superstar we swear by. […]

long brunette curls mane addicts

Whether you’re someone who has seasonal dandruff, an oily scalp, split ends, or breakage, chances are there’s a hair problem you’ve been dealing with. Well say goodbye to your hair woes because we’re here to bring you the answers you’ve been waiting for. DANDRUFF A seasonal flaky scalp is somewhat normal in dryer climates, but […]

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