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diy dry hair ingredients

Aura Friedman is spilling her favorite dry hair remedies.

Rose Hair Products Ouai Rose Hair Oil

Why gift someone roses when you can have rose-scented strands?

hair oil winter

To keep your strands happy and healthy.


And why we’re obsessed with co-washing.

All natural products we swear by.

You’re going to want to start pre-shampooing ASAP.

One common issue for people with thick, coarse hair is dryness. There are many different causes behind dry hair, but one of the most common is simply a low porosity level. Basically, hair with low porosity has trouble retaining moisture due to its tightly shut cuticles. A little warm water and steam can help open […]

Camellia Oil Hair Care Anti Aging Curls

There are SO many different types of beauty oils and they are all claiming to be super-beneficial for you hair. Honestly, it’s hard to keep up, with a new one seemingly popping up every week! I did some digging when it comes to the best of the best hair oils, only to find a new […]


The only thing scarier than a shark sighting at the beach is realizing the damaging effect salt water has on hair. Sure, the ocean air creates mermaid waves so mesmerizing you’ll want to snapchat a #selfie to everyone in your contact list, but too much exposure and it’s likely to cause brittle, dehydrated locks. But […]

Gigi Hadid Tangly Hair

For a sensy-scalp girl (or guy), there’s nothing worse than that feeling when you get out of the shower and your mane’s a mess. Well say goodbye to your hair woes, because we’ve got the detangling guide that will give you Goldilocks strands IRL.   STEP 1 Start with a special brush made for detangling as it […]

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