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Dry hair be gone.

Dry Hair Climate

De-frizz, smooth and hydrate with these dry climate staples.

All natural products we swear by.

girl by ocean

Hint: it could be damaging your hair more than you think.

diy dry hair ingredients

Aura Friedman is spilling her favorite dry hair remedies.

Rose Hair Products Ouai Rose Hair Oil

Why gift someone roses when you can have rose-scented strands?

hair oil winter

To keep your strands happy and healthy.


And why we’re obsessed with co-washing.

You’re going to want to start pre-shampooing ASAP.

One common issue for people with thick, coarse hair is dryness. There are many different causes behind dry hair, but one of the most common is simply a low porosity level. Basically, hair with low porosity has trouble retaining moisture due to its tightly shut cuticles. A little warm water and steam can help open […]

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