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They learned from the best.

girl with two top buns

New Year, no fuss hair.

sienree celebrity hairstylist lustre lux

From our Hair-apy sesh with Sienree.

It’s moldable, workable AND goes on like gel.

Clear Mascara Beauty Hair Hacks

These products are definitely working overtime.

ponytail natalie Anne australia perky ponytail

It doesn’t cost more than a few bucks.

No Heat Hair Wavy Curl

  Just because heat is out of the question (whether by choice or not), it doesn’t mean expert styling is, too. For the most part, with a little creativity, you can achieve the style you want – in this case, waves – without any heat. Don’t believe us? Keep reading. BRAIDS BABY, BRAIDS If you’re […]

hair mist

In between washes and salon visits, hair health upkeep is essential. The quickest and most effective way to stay on top of your strands, you ask? We’re talking hair mists—light, water-based, sweet-scented revitalizers that don’t cost a fortune. Hair mists are travel-friendly and easy peasy to whip up at home. Ahead, three recipes for hair mists that are just as […]

Early mornings are so not the time to attempt hairstyling — especially when you’re in a rush. Frizzy hair, a shrunken afro, and limp tresses are just not ideal. (Unless you’re going for that disheveled bedhead look, then do you, girl!). For on-the-go gals who hate sacrificing fabulous hair for punctuality, we’ve got you covered with […]

PopSugar Beauty

Previously published on PopSugar Beauty. It’s no secret that I get professional blowouts every chance I get (see: Instagram). In addition to loving the sleek look and bouncy feeling of hairstylist-created waves, I am obsessed with the fact that I don’t have to wash my hair for two days (three if I’m lucky). This saves […]

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