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Natural Hair OIls that are not coconut oil

There are more options than you think!

Persian Hair Secrets Thick Healthy Hair

And the hair elixir you need ASAP.

Prose Hair Oil

It’s even personalized with your name!

Hair Oils Guide brown hair girl

And which one you should be using for your hair type.

gif of hair oils

Try these expected plant oils that really work.

via @garethbromell

Ban an oily scalp with these must try products.

Rose Hair Products Ouai Rose Hair Oil

Why gift someone roses when you can have rose-scented strands?

hair oil winter

To keep your strands happy and healthy.

LOC Method

Walk away with perfect curls–simple as one, two, ringlet

Ayurvedic Haircare Cheatsheet

How to find your dosha type and how these lifestyle tips can benefit your mane.

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