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  There’s no doubt that Johnny Ramirez and Anh Co Tran, co-founders of Beverly Hills’ Ramirez Tran Salon, have made “Lived In Hair” TM  and “Lived In Color” TM the most sought after hair salon service. The L’Oréal Professional International Stylists grew international acclaim through their widespread social media presence and modern approach to hair care. After […]

Anh Co Tran and Riawna

When two of LA’s most successful salon owners get together, you pay attention. And we did exactly that when 901‘s Riawna Capri and Ramirez Tran‘s Anh Co Tran had a chance to meet for the first time and chat about makings of a great career as business people and artists in LA. Both Anh and […]

reverie milk

Fighting frizziness is an inevitable factor in deciding how to style our hair each day. No matter how humid an environment you live in, the frizz factor determines if we air dry, blow dry, wrap it up, or let it all down. Whatever your desired look, we’ve gathered some professional tips and essential products to help you fight the frizz […]

beach blonde

Now that it’s summertime, people are stepping up their beach game and going to the light side. Lightening your hair can be very damaging if you don’t take good care, especially when spending a lot of time catching waves and rays. While the ocean water can give us the perfect texture, and the UV rays enhance […]

Haircuts by Sal Salcedo Ramirez Tran Salon

Going in for a haircut isn’t always a walk in the park and if you’ve ever had a traumatic haircut experience you know that appointments can be few and far between. So we enlisted Sal Salcedo of Ramirez Tran Salon let us in on how to prepare for a salon visit, what we can do […]

johnny ramirez, tracey cunningham, hair talk, celebrity, hair color, color

What happens when you get two of social media’s favorite hair colorists together for a chat? A conversation about life, balance, and the struggle to have it all. Johnny Ramirez and Tracey Cunningham are two Beverly Hills colorists who need no introduction. Johnny co-owns Ramirez Tran Salon where his color transformations speak volumes alongside the phenomenally […]

anja burton kristin ess hair talk

A Mane Addicts dream is one that involves, not one, but two Mane Masters casually conversing about all things HAIR. So when beach babe celebrity hair colorist Anja Burton and celebrity hairstylist and colorist Kristin Ess got together to catch up and talk, we were the fly on the wall observing in awe. Kristin and […]

Aimee Song, Song of Style, blogger, bob, lob, short hair, asian hair, hair transformation, Ramirez-Tran Salon, ombre, balayage, Anh Co Tran

Odds are if you’ve been on the internet in the past 8 years you’ve crossed virtual paths with blogging goddess Aimee Song, of Song of Style. Aimee’s personal style blog is the go to reference for millions, so it’s no surprise that when she endorses something it makes a major wave across the fashion and […]

Hairstylist quote, long hair, short hair, bangs

How he went from the fashion world to hair’s most sought after stylist.

Mane Master Anja Burton beach babe blonde

And how she nails that beach babe blonde.

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