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Girl after shower with towel microfiber towels

Like seriously, throw it out tonight.

packets are the new way to travel with your favorite products

Bringing along your fave beauty products just got a whole lot easier.

Pre Shampoo Pre Poo Joan smalls

You’re going to want to start pre-shampooing ASAP.

washing hair in shower how often should i wash my hair

(via iStock) Lately, successfully aligning our wash days with events feels like we won the Powerball. Though dry shampoo (our second religion) makes dealing with dirty hair a walk in sunny Central Park, even we diehard dry shampoo-ers must face wash days eventually. Don’t wash your hair everyday, wash it everyday, wash it every other day–talk of the hair town can get […]

Function shampoo and conditioner in a box

I don’t care how old you are, when you see or receive something with your name on it you are guaranteed to get a little giddy. I mean, we all like things personalized, right? Enter: Function of Beauty, a small but fast growing hair brand that’s taking customization to a whole new level–shampoo and conditioner bottles with your name […]

What are Sulfates

Because there are thousands of hair-care products in the aisle(s) of your favorite beauty stores, deciding what is going to work best for your strands can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Not to mention, your beloved products advertise with words that make you feel like you need a PHD in hair science to understand. And […]

shampoo 101 mane addicts

While we’ll spend money on the right tools and styling products, sometimes we forget that our shampoo is just as important! Shampoo creates the foundation for our hair and hairstyle, creating the building blocks for all the other products we use. Ever forget your toiletries and end up having to use a cheap hotel shampoo […]