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According to these 5 celeb stylists.

From a hair assistant to multiple celebrity hairstylists.

Former hair assistant to Jen Atkin opens up her kit for us.

Priscilla Valles Extensions 101

Have you ever fantasized about waking up to find your hair has magically transformed itself into a full, lengthy mane that seemingly grew overnight? For the skeptics out there that think these long enviable locks are too good to be true, think again! While celebrity hair and makeup artists are easily recognizable, the extension artists out there […]

Brushing Your Hair The RIght Way, hair brush, hairbrush

There’s no way I’m not the only person who has a love-hate relationship with hair brushing. It’s one of those everyone’s-gotta-do-it things and for most, it brings back painful memories from a childhood of tangled hair at the hands of unsympathetic adult. So why are we talking about it? Because it matters, like, A LOT. That […]

When it comes to hair trends, I’m the last to fall in line. As proof, I’ve had the same collarbone length, platinum hair for 10+ years. At most, I would experiment with bangs, but never was I one to make a major change. And then, last summer, I decided to try out the in-the-moment bob. […]

Hard vs Soft Water

As a out of state college student, I could never quite figure out what caused the subtle yet amazing difference in the look/feel of my hair and skin when I traveled back home for holidays. I noticed that at home, my shampoo lathered much more easily, my hair took longer to dry, and when it […]

Mane University Extensions

Last Sunday, upon arrival at the gorgeous Spoke & Weal Salon on 3rd street, guests were greeted with mimosas, mini pastries, and a crash course on everything extensions with Mane Masters Priscilla Valles and Sarah Conner! You may not know it, but when you flip on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Beverly Hills 90210, […]

andy lecompte, sheila stotts, set bag,

Ever wonder how the pros show up for a job? What are their essentials and how do they keep everything organized? Well we’re here with our new feature What’s in the Bag? to showcase what tools and products are really behind the best of the best in this business. Take a look below to see what […]

sarah conner quote

Whether she’s turning a celebrity into a manic pastel hue, prepping a socialite for the red carpet, or creating bombshell blondes for her salon clients, Sarah Conner is a versatile colorist and extension specialist who has paved her way through Hollywood at Meche Salon Beverly Hills. We’ve referred to Sarah’s expertise on multiple occassions- whether it comes to […]

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