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This Is Why I’m Slathering Tasmanian Water All Over Myself

Australia is known for many things—crocodiles, sharks, desert, Ayres Rock, koalas. But beauty isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when putting together a word association list. While Australians have yet to coin a “k-beauty” catchphrase (though maybe “good-beauty, mate” will be the latest craze), the land down under is full of natural wonders and remedies, translating to some of the best ingredients for skin, hair, and everything in between. The best kept secret from the continent is probably Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, but more on that another day. Right now, we’re focused on Tasmanian water. Sarah Hamilton, co-founder and managing director of one of our fave brands from the land of Oz, Sand and Sky, was kind enough to sit with us and tell us all about the plentiful Tasmanian water benefits.

Keep scrolling to learn more about this miracle elixir and how it can boost your skincare and haircare routines!

What Even Is Tasmanian Water and Why Is It so Beneficial?

So, why Tasmanian water of all the waters everywhere? Allow Sarah to convince you.

“Tasmanian Spring Water is a hydrating and strengthening force of nature. Revitalizing skin from the first drop, it quenches, plumps, and fortifies with a unique blend of naturally occurring essential minerals like calcium and magnesium,” she says.

Tasmanian water is special because of where it comes from. “Eighty percent of Australia’s flora and fauna is unique to our shores; that means the majority of the world have probably never before experienced the wonder and efficacy of our botanical ingredients. It’s been our mission from the start to change that with Sand and Sky,” she explains. “Our magnificent and untouched landscape ensures the purity of ingredients like Tasmanian Spring Water and allows us to hero this effective and naturally-occurring Australian ingredient to the world.”

How Should You Use Tasmanian Water in Your Routine?

Tasmanian water for its use as a product was originally discovered through trial and error. “We initially trialed Icelandic water for some of our products. Then, we researched to see if we could find something better closer to home. Elements like being the cleanest air in the world in Tasmania spurred us to use ‘Tassie’ water for the range and we’re so glad we did. It’s found deep within a pristine lake in a remote national park, so it’s truly special.”

You can’t overdo it with Tassie water. Application is encouraged twice daily, Sarah reassures us. “The entire Tasmanian Spring Water range is suitable for daily use, both in the AM and PM, as part of your usual skincare routine.”

This isn’t the last we’ll see of Tasmanian water. Sarah shares that Sand and Sky plans to expand their range in the future. “It’s clear that customers around the world love the hydrating properties of it as much as we do, so we’re excited to be extending the range even further. Stay tuned!”

Sand and Sky is one of many Australian-based beauty brands we adore. Want to know a few more? Check out THESE Australian hair brands we absolutely love!

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