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From Cuts to Color, This Is All the Hair Inspiration a Taurus Needs

Our two favorite things to discuss are hair and astrology. Whenever we can combine the two, that’s when the magic really happens. Because we’ve left fiery Aries season and entered grounded Taurus season, we wanted to share all the Taurus hair inspiration the sign could ever need.

Below, we dive into the best cuts, colors, and more for the earth sign. Be sure to share this with every Taurus in your life. And if you’re the only Taurus you know, consider this your time to update your ‘do to celebrate your zodiac season!

Best Haircuts for a Taurus

The perfect haircut for a Taurus is one that is low-maintenance yet full of beauty and elegance. These Earth signs need a cut that will always look amazing, though doesn’t require too much effort to maintain. We’ve shared our favorite cuts for a Taurus below.

Long and One-Length

Long hair is synonymous with beauty for some reason. Flowing locks are seen as more feminine, which is something a Taurus often tries to achieve with their looks. Ruled by Venus, this bull wants nothing more than to look beautiful 24/7. One of the best ways to do that is by opting for a long, one-length chop.

Shoulder-Length Lob

Just because longer hair is seen as more feminine and dainty, doesn’t mean the same can’t be said for shorter styles. The shoulder-length lob is the perfect low-maintenance cut for any Taurus that may be easily annoyed by long hair.

The Midi Cut

Sitting between long and short hair, the midi cut is perfect for a Taurus who doesn’t want to go too short and also doesn’t want to go too long. It’s a stylish haircut that can be styled in a variety of different ways, whether it be straight, wavy, or curly.

Long Bangs

To frame their gorgeous faces, the zodiac sign would look amazing with long bangs. Shorter bangs tend to be a lot more maintenance, whereas longer bangs act more like face-framing layers. They’re beautiful, chic, and designed with the Taurus in mind.

Best Hair Colors for a Taurus

We chose hair colors for a Taurus based on their element of earth. All these colors serve up suiting Taurus hair inspiration, as they’re all inspired by nature. What could be more Taurus than that?

Mousy Brunette

Mousy brunette is one of the top spring color trends this year and more than well-suited for a Taurus. The brown hue reminds us of Mother Earth and her fertile soil. Plus, the shade looks great on everyone and is fairly easy to keep up with.

Mushroom Brown

Sticking with brunette shades, we had to add mushroom brown to the list. One reason is obviously that mushroom is in the name. Another is that the color offers room for embellishments. It starts off as an earthy brown and is then brought to life with creamy highlights.


Now a Taurus will never be far from the beach with this sand-inspired color. While the dirty blonde may appear like a lot of maintenance for a Taurus, the shade grows out quite seamlessly for those who don’t always schedule their salon appointments regularly.

Forest Green

For a little pop of color, we added forest green. Not every Taurus is bold enough to test the waters with such a rich color, though there are some that are. And it makes sense to dive into the world of brightly-colored strands with a hue that connects them to their element.

Best Hairstyles for a Taurus

Moving on to Taurus hairstyles, we chose styles that are a blend of natural and glamorous. As much as a Taurus appreciates keeping things natural, they also enjoy beautifying their hair when they can. They are ruled by Venus after all, which is the planet of love and beauty.


Obviously, keeping this natural with hairstyles is so Taurus. When the sign isn’t attempting to be elegant, letting their strands fall as they may is the way to go.

Twisted Crown Braid

The twisted crown braid hairstyle is elegant and feminine, while still feeling somewhat natural and easy to achieve. And thank goodness it is an easy style to create. IPSY has a great tutorial for this Taurus hairstyle.

Old Hollywood Curls

As much as a Taurus is very laidback and chill with their hair, they’ll look for any excuse to get all dolled up. We don’t think they need one, though should the opportunity present itself, old Hollywood curls are the best hairstyle for that occasion.

Long, Luscious Waves

Waves are another feminine hairstyle that a Taurus can rock whenever they want. It also serves as a great base for accessories a Taurus will love, which we’ll get into below.

Best Hair Accessories for a Taurus

We’ve shared cuts, colors, and styles, so we had to round this list of Taurus hair inspiration with accessories of course.

Eco-Friendly Hair Ties

Kicking things off, we have eco-friendly hair ties. When Taurus tires of their tresses, they’ve been known to tie them up. Considering this sign’s relationship to the earth, opting for something that’s eco-friendly just makes sense.

Claw Clip

Another accessory for when a Taurus needs to pull back their strands, the claw clip is just trendy enough for a Taurus. These clips can also be used for more day-to-day styles and even more glamorous updos.

Sun Hat

Considering how much time a Taurus likes to spend in nature, they need a sun hat of their very own. They’ll want one that is a little more delicate and dainty to match their personality a bit.


Finally, we have flowers. Literally just flowers in any form. Again, they connect a Taurus to Mother Nature and are so beautiful. Any Taurus will feel like the woodland creature they’ve always wanted to be with flowers adorning their tresses.

Now that we’ve shared all this Taurus hair inspiration, let’s switch gears for a second. HERE is the worst haircut for the zodiac sign.

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