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It only took my first glance at Taye Hansberry‘s blog Stuff She Likes to fall in love. Just a quick glimpse at the first photo and it’s clear this girl has a killer mane. With the type of curls that dreams are made of (think big, voluminous, textured tresses), Taye’s site features her OOTD, shoppable content, beauty tips and tricks, videos, and recipes. It’s basically a glimpse into the LA native blogger/actress/photographer/host/everything else in between’s super stylish life. 

Taye Hansberry StuffSheLikes Curly Hair

We had a chance to talk to the mane jane of all trades about what makes her tresses so turnt. “I have what I like to call multi cultural hair,” she tells us. “It’s super curly when natural but straightens out super easy.” Oh yes, the best of both worlds.

Processed with VSCOcam with q5 Taye Hansberry StuffSheLikes Straight Lob Bangs

“These days I am all about a little frizz when it’s curly. Perfect curls are awesome. But messy textured ones are super cool!” Totes agree with you on that one babe. The messier the better, and natural texture for spring and summer creates the IDGAF bend every cool girl is rocking.

Processed with VSCOcam with q5 Taye Hansberry StuffSheLikes Straight Lob Bangs

“I love to switch between my natural curls and and my signature straight with bangs hairstyle that I’m known for. When my hair is straight it needs shine so I make sure I keep it well conditioned.”

Taye Hansberry StuffSheLikes Curly Hair

So what products does the hair chameleon swear by?

“My advice is always use tons of conditioner,” she says. “Curly and textured hair tends to be on the dry side. So no matter if you are flat ironing or going with natural curls, a protein conditioner every other time you wash and a moisture conditioner are both key. In addition, a coconut oil treatment once or twice a week does wonders.”

Check, check, and check! We’ll be coping both Taye’s curly and straight strands stat.



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