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I Saw Celebrities Going Copper for Spring, so I (Temporarily) Went Copper for Spring

Copper is on everyone’s mane these days. Right on time for Aries season, the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Sydney Sweeney, and other celebs have been rocking the fiery hue. Sure, we’ve seen celebrities go red before, but never in droves of this magnitude. Copper really has Hollywood’s elite in a chokehold this spring. But they’re not the only ones. Seeing everyone test out the crimson shade had me itching to try it myself.

Celebrity Sightings In Paris - February 28th, 2022 PARIS, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 28: Model Kendall Jenner poses on a balcony on February 28, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images)
(via Getty)

Lucky for me, a rep for vegan haircare brand Maria Nila reached out with an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The brand boasts a line of Colour Refresh masques with non-permanent color pigments to allow anyone to freshen up their shade or try a new hue without the commitment. As a Sagittarius sun, that last part really perked up my ears. Though I was eager to sport the copper hair color trend for a bit, I wasn’t entirely set on fully committing.

Maria Nila temporary copper hair color masque
(via Maria Nila)

Maria Nila sent me their Colour Refresh in Bright Copper. Aside from the non-permanent color pigments, the masque also contains argan oil and a color guard complex to soften and protect your hair from frizz. I personally love that they’re vegan and proudly highlight that on their website and packaging. I could compliment this brand forever, but let’s dive into the coloring process before I get carried away.

My hair is currently a grown-out blonde balayage blend that I haven’t touched up in almost a year—yikes. The top part of my hair is as close to my natural color as it could possibly get with all the coloring over the years. I also already have a tinge of copper going on with some of my strands, so I was excited to try this hue all over.

White girl with blonde hair wearing a green sweater with daisies on it standing in front of wisteria
(Living my Bridgerton fantasy in front of the wisteria)

Applying the color was a relatively straightforward process, especially for someone like me who has never applied a color-depositing mask like this before. I washed my hair with shampoo, towel dried it, then I went to town adding the masque to my strands. The application was fairly haphazard, so I was nervous about how well it would turn out given my lack of skills.

The instructions note to leave the masque on for three to 10 minutes, depending on how intense you want the color to show up. I left it on for five minutes because I wasn’t quite ready to go full Ariel with fire engine red locks. Once my timer went off, I washed out the masque and followed with a conditioner. I was beyond ecstatic with how it turned out. I was very nervous it wasn’t going to end well for me and my hair, but it came out so good.

White girl with a temporary copper hair color in her hair
(Yes, that is the same sweater…)

The hue I ended up with is a perfect copper—not too faint, not too intense. And it was just the change I needed for the spring season. There’s still plenty of masque left in the bottle, so I absolutely will be using it again to refresh this shade. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even leave it on a bit longer next time?

Ultimately, I highly recommend this masque for anyone who wants to test out the copper hue but doesn’t want to completely commit to the color. The great thing about the Colour Refresh masques is that they rinse out somewhere between four and 10 washes. You can get some good mileage off them if you plan your wash days accordingly. And if you’re not a fan of the hue, wash your hair more frequently to get the color out. Either way, it’s a fairly safe option to test out a new hue.

You can find the entire Colour Refresh line here in case there’s another color you’d like to try.

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