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NYFW FW16: Texture on the Runway

Naturally Curly is changing what it means to have texture on the runway. In 2012, after noticing a long history of top designers displaying only straight and wavy hairstyles,  Naturally Curly’s co-founder Michelle Breyer launched a New York Fashion Week show that put texture center stage. Four years later, Texture on the Runway is back for the second time, with even more manespiration for our curls and coils!

Showing off what it means to rock your texture both unapologetically and flawlessly, were brands: Creme of Nature, Dark and Lovely, Cantu, Design Essentials, and Garnier.

We spoke with mane master Chuck Amos, who crafted the hairstyles for Creme of Nature.

Chuck Amos

“We are doing really cool and extravagant looks. Our fashion designer for this segment is David De La Cruz, and he [calls his collection] a love letter to New York. The line is based on women of the 70s and 80s — a time when black girls were really expressing their texture. We have some sporty looks, some glamorous, and a disco Diana Ross style!”

Texture on the Runway Natural Hair

Creme of Nature definitely wowed the crowd with retro glamour, displaying various textures from thick and coarse, to wavy, to even a relaxed look.

Hairstylist Chuck Amos

“We have a relaxed hair girl because Creme of Nature also accentuates straight hair. We display the texture by using a curling iron.”

Some of the products Chuck used are Pudding Perfection, Butter-licious Curls, and Twirling Custard.

We also got an opportunity to chat with presidential hair guru Johnny Wright — the guy who keeps First Lady Michelle Obama’s hair looking amazing. Johnny designed the hairstyles for Dark and Lovely.

Johnny Wright

“It’s all about natural hair and natural texture, and showing the versatility of that. Dark and Lovely has the perfect line of products to give you the ultimate natural look you want. It’s good for anti-shrinkage, curl elongation, curl definition, and it hydrates hair for 7 days.”

Johnny gave us African-inspired looks that ranged from beautifully wild,  to sophisticated, to pure elegance. We absolutely loved his recreation of the iconic princess hairdo from Coming to America.

Textured Hair on the Runway

To create these stunning looks, use Dark and Lovely’s Easy Twist Gel n’ Butter.

While we swooned over the structural afros and voluminous curls bouncing down the runway, we kept in mind the bigger message of this show. Johnny said it best, “It’s about celebrating  and displaying the need for diversity on the runway.”

Creme of Nature images courtesy of First and Last PR and Nia Tuckson for Creme of Nature.  Dark and Lovely images courtesy of Naturally Curly and Pete Monsanto for Dark and Lovely.

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