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Textured Hair Expert Stacey Ciceron Shares All About Her Oribe ‘Cue the Curls’ Class

If you religiously watch Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, or the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, then you’ve definitely seen the work of textured hair expert and celeb stylist Stacey Ciceron at some point. 

She’s a notable trailblazer, carving out her space in the world of beauty and we jumped at the chance to dive deep with her on natural hair education, passion, purpose, her Oribe program and so much more. Read on below and connect with Stacey who understands our deep appreciation for a good ‘fro💁🏽‍♀️.

MA: What drove you to not only want to style, but educate on textured hair?

Stacey Ciceron: I’ve always had a passion for education. I love learning new things and when I learn something new, I automatically want to share it with others. Teaching has become so fulfilling to me and to witness the transformation in the belief, skill and spirit of beauty professionals like myself is something that I can’t describe with words, but has been very rewarding. There is also a huge demand for trustworthy education about how to manage, care for and style highly textured hair. I love styling my clients’ hair as well as helping them to work through their personal dilemmas while witnessing their transformations. The work is similar to helping beauty professionals work through their hair challenges which is why I find joy in life coaching, mentoring and teaching professionals how to take their career to the next level. It all just ties into being of service and adding value.

MA: Can you tell us a bit more about your work with Oribe and the Cue The Curls Class for Highly Textured Hair?

SC: Yes, I am so proud of the work that we are doing! It’s something that we started almost 2 years ago. Once I started working with them on developing the extension of the moisture control family for highly textured hair it was one of my requirements that we reinforce the launch of the product with education about highly textured hair to support hairstylists and the community. I’m so grateful and honored at the fact that my voice was heard and that they listened and it’s something that we started working on before the world started to stir up. We actually had these education courses and tour locations planned out before COVID-19 happened and I’m so happy that we were able to pivot after and take the classes online and it has been going quite successfully. The classes consist of necessary fundamentals needed to successfully care for a clientele with highly textured hair. Hair care, terminology, mindset, styling and maintenance to name a few.

MA: What do you want hair care professionals to take away from your textured education classes?

SC: I want beauty professionals to take away a sense of confidence, pride, ownership and accomplishment. I feel that any time you take steps towards sharpening and elevating your craft, it’s something that you should definitely be proud of. In this time, space reality and in this climate that we’re in, anybody stepping up to do their part should feel very accomplished and proud of themselves. They should also feel less overwhelmed and equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to take on clients with highly textured hair on a fundamental level. We take the time to build a solid foundation.

MA: Have there been any stand out moments in any of your classes? 

SC: What stands out for me is that there is a legitimate and justifiable fear around working with highly textured hair, especially in the climate that we’re in now. There were moments when stylists realized they didn’t have to master everything but have a basic understanding of what to do and when to do it. I love the transformation and renewal of the mind when they realize that it’s something that they can do, and confidently. Also the fact that they could have their questions answered in a safe non-judgemental space made a huge difference.

MA: What are some of your favorite tools and products to use on textured hair? 

SC: As we know, highly textured hair has its own specific needs. It’s predisposed to dryness and it’s fragile despite its coarse appearance. I love to use products that provide moisture and strengthen the hair.  I also love tools that make the process less frustrating, easier and more relaxing. I love deep conditioners, detanglers, hair steamers, natural oils and butters, really strong combs and clips.

MA: If you could choose one brand to use on textured hair for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

SC: I would have to say Oribe hair care and not just because I am an ambassador. They’re constantly innovating, put so much time into producing quality products and tools for the community and the products work well. I know there’s always going to be something there for me, my clients and my family no matter what type of style I choose.

MA: Will you be making your own line of products and tools any time soon?

SC: Absolutely! For now, my products will be educational and informational online until the world opens back up, along with any tools or accessories that would support that. I definitely will be continuing to support my community by elevating not only their skills with hair, but with their mind body and spirit. Then, they’ll be able to strengthen themselves and handle whatever may come their way. 

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