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Why a Satin Pillowcase Is Absolutely Essential for Textured Hair

If you have highly textured locks, you know how crucial it is to cultivate an award-worthy nighttime hair care routine. In order to wake up frizz, breakage, and drama-free in the morning, you’ll need an A-plus leave-in conditioner and, most importantly, a satin pillowcase. Why, you ask? For starters, satin helps minimize huge textured hair problems like static-y curls and eliminates any friction that might come from another type of fabric. In other words, your style will be fresh AF in the a.m. and we know that’s what you’re about. If you have highly curly tresses and have been considering buying a satin pillowcase, scroll down below to find out a few more major benefits of making the switch from expert colorist and R+Co Collective member, Richy Kandasamy.

Mane Addicts: What are some of the biggest benefits of using a satin or silk pillowcase for textured hair?

Richy Kandasamy: Sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase will smooth frizzy hair and minimize static morning looks on textured hair. The softness of both silk and satin eliminates the friction you get when your hair rubs against a harsher fabric. The main benefit is that silk and satin help keep your textured hair looking fresh and less “slept on” in the morning. You will not have tangled, messy hair when you wake up and textured hair will look less dehydrated, shinier, and the curl pattern will look much healthier.

MA: How do regular pillowcases affect your curls?

RK: Cotton or regular pillowcases act like a sponge and will absorb moisture, while silk retains it. When you lie on a silk or satin pillowcase, the natural oils from your hair are maintained rather than soaked up. This leaves your hair nourished rather than dry with no shine.

MA: Can a regular pillowcase cause any significant damage to your hair?

RK: There is no evidence that pillowcases cause significant damage. However, hairs on your pillow can be a sign that you’re starting to lose your hair or breakage is occurring. Tangled strands in the morning cause you to spend more time trying to brush and can actually lead to damage and loss in the process. While you’re sleeping, your hair needs some love and care, too.

If you’re not totally ecstatic about sleeping on a silk or satin material, sateen might be a good alternative, or even higher thread count pillowcases can have the same effect. Certain styles can also be preserved by the use of a smoother fabric as opposed to plain old cotton which causes too much abrasion. With this newfound knowledge, go forth and fluff those curls right.

Ready to purchase a satin pillowcase? HERE are six satin and silk pillowcases we recommend!

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