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Thakoon’s Wet Bun is Our Fall Hairspo

Altuzarra ss17 wet high bun

With a collection full of chic cuts, classic hemlines, and a monochromatic palette, Thakoon’s SS17 show was a minimalist’s dream. Key hairstylist Odile Gilbert gave a nod to the 90’s with a wet supermodel bun with a single strand that layed grazing the face.

“This look is inspired by American fashion magazine covers – a modernized, messy twist on the classic Chignon,” she explains.

Kerastase Paris at Thakoon S/S 2017 Show - Backstage 


  1. Completely saturate the hair with a spray bottle of water.
  2.  Liberally apply Crème de la Crème all over the hair to create a “wet look.”
  3. Pull all of the hair back, allowing face-framing pieces of the hair to fall in the front. For those that do not fall naturally, pull out two pieces of hair in the front.
  4. Next, twist the hair into a messy chignon on the middle to top of the head. Secure with a black elastic and hair pins as necessary.
  5. Spray Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil all over the hair for added shine and sleekness.
  6. Finish the look by spritzing Spray-a-Porter all over the hair for added hold.

2 minutes

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