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How to Build a Social First Brand as a Hairstylist

Yes, I actually do have a name. It’s Christina Aprile and I’m That Girl That Did Your Hair.

I’m a freelance hairdresser based in New York City. The industry labeled me as “That Girl That Did Your Hair.” Whether I was on set or at an event,  I would always hear… “Where is that girl that did your hair?” or a client would be on the phone …“I’m with that girl that does my hair .” I wanted to make a name for myself. 


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Hairdressers are people pleasers, we always want you looking good and feeling better aka we’re your unlicensed therapist, and sometimes we even put our clients before ourselves. Throughout my career I have had endless opportunities to work with celebrities, TV networks, magazines, and fashion week shows. When you’re working for certain people in this industry, it can be hard to express your truest creativity in your work when you are under the direction from the people “above you.” When you’re an artistic person at heart, feeling this restriction on my own creativity was something I knew could not do forever.  So, I decided to spin the situation with a bit of humor–the only way I know how –and decided to make a brand out if it. “That Girl That Did Your Hair” is personal, relatable, cheeky, humorous, edgy, and worthy. This brand is for hairdressers, clients, or anyone who likes to get their hair done. Everything I do, I do it with meaning behind it.

My first series is the 1-800-BLOWME™ BLOWOUT SERIES MERCH. I wanted to start with this series, because my first job in Manhattan was “The New York Blow Dry Bar “ in the Meatpacking District. Unfortunately, the salon went out of business, but at this point in time I had built a strong clientele, which allowed me to pursue the start of my freelance career. I made Manhattan my salon–everyone would call me for blowouts and that is how I got inspired to create the 1-800-BLOWME™. Along with the blow out inspo, every job I worked for had a sexual sense of humor (sex sells, right?). At the blow dry bar we had to wear shirts that said Blow Pro and before I began hairdressing I worked for a tanning salon (yes, I grew up in New Jersey)  and we had to wear shirts that said, “Do it standing up.”


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The blowout series merch is designed to be blowout related, the idea is kind of like a care package after you blow out your hair. Within this series I have two hats and a phone accessory. Most people wear hats when their hair isn’t done. The first hat is in white and says DIRTY because, let’s get real, we only wash our hair once a week and my hats support not washing your hair. Following the same concept, I felt a white hat was best especially because I never own anything white without it getting dirty.  My second hat is in black that says HATHAIR and it’s upside down and backwards because I wanted it to be messy like after wearing a hat. My third product is the 1-800-BLOWME™ phone accessory which protects selfies. We’re all guilty of taking a picture in the mirror after a blow out, the wording on the accessory is purposefully mirrored so that it’s easy to read. The fourth product is the 1-800-BLOWME stickers, which was inspired from the streets of NYC. The stickers can be for blowdryers, hair kits, laptops, or personal use. This is the first of many series to come, all product is available for purchase on my website: www.thatgirlthatdidyourhair.com

Thanks for getting to know me.

TGTDYH – Shop my merch HERE.

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