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HOW-TO: The 5-Minute French Twist

french twist tutorial by kylee heath

If you’re heading to a lot of weddings or special occassions this summer, coming up with the perfect hairstyle can be daunting. The lazy girl’s French twist is one of our favorite fresh takes on the updo as it looks chic and sophisticated while being surprisingly easy to recreate (thanks to celebrity hairstylist Kylee Heath). Take a look below to see how she puts together the perfect French twist in 5 minutes flat!

medium length brunette blunt hair


Start on dry hair that has been thoroughly brushed and blowdried.


french twist tutorial step 1


Use a fine tooth comb to brush all your hair to the right, then criss cross bobby pins starting at the nape of the neck leading up to the crown, about an inch to the right of the center of your neck.


french twist tutorial step 2


Separate the hair on the right side of your face just in front of the ear and clip away.


french twist tutorial step 3


Twist unclipped hair to the left, rolling the ends into themselves, then secure by criss crossing more bobby pins, angling the pin down.

Note: Be sure you know how to use a bobby pin correctly (it’s not the way you think!).


french twist tutorial step 2


Use a 1 1/4 inch curling iron to curl 1 inch sections of the remaining hair away from the face. Let cool, then separate with fingers.


french twist tutorial by kylee heath



Think you’ll try it at home? Take a pic and tag @maneaddicts to let us know how you did!


Photographer: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal

Hair: Kylee Heath @kyleeheathhair

Makeup: Ashley Cordova @ashleybeverly

Stylist: Nicolas Bru @mr_nicolasbru

Model: Andriana Manfredi @andriana559

Produced by: Andrea Berk @aaahndrea



2 minutes

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