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Whether it was in the 60’s with Diana Ross and The Supremes or this past fall with Solange Knowles at her Louisiana nuptials, the afro hairstyle is one with true staying power. The beauty of the ‘fro is unique and sacred- the wildness, the untamed, the natural, and free.


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Blondes and brunettes alike have sported this look. The Louis Vuitton runway show for 2010 Paris Fashion Week showcased afros in a myriad of shades.

FKA Twigs DAZED Cover

The tautness and dimension of a ‘fro can vary. There is the firm afro that is a sphere of thick locks. Then there is the variation of hair combed and styled in different directions. And finally the looser and flowing ‘fro that presents a gentle dimension. FKA Twigs proves hair as a medium that can be worn in a variety of ways.

Solange donned a sprig of babies breath to her hair, which added a delicate touch to her powerful mane. Braids or cornrows added to the crown of the head can add a multi-styled look as well. The possibilities with the natural texture of the ‘fro are endless and there is something about this look that exudes womanhood and a mighty mane.

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