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7 Ways to Have the Baddest Strands at the BBQ

Aside from beach picnics and boat parties, BBQs make way for our fave kind of fun in the sun. To ensure nothing spoils that fun, we rounded up seven ways to achieve the cutest BBQ hairstyles for your next backyard get-together. Find all the summer BBQ hairstyle inspiration you need below!

Girl standing in front of a food truck wearing a blue paisley bandana around her head
(via Unsplash)

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1. Accessorize

Plan your outfit around a bandana neckerchief. That way, when your strands seek shelter from the rays, you can make it into a hair accessory.

2. Apply a Leave-In Pre-BBQ

Your hair gets enough hell from styling tools so it’s major to practice safe hair protection from the sun whenever possible. Apply a hair mask like Palmer’s Protein Coconut Oil Treatment before you arrive. This will also elevate your natural strands, leaving you with a low-maintenance BBQ hairstyle.

3. Show up in Blinged Out Braids

Not only are bejeweled braids the best (and most selfie-worthy) way to keep sweaty strands at bay, they also allow your mane to change into waves should you decide to take them out mid-BBQ.

4. Take Hair Ties

If you rolled through with your hair down, keep a jelly hair coil on you in case your mane wants to slip into something comfier like a low bun.

5. Pack Hair Perfume

Not so much a hairstyle as a recommendation, but any BBQ can leave your strands smelling like smoke for days. No thanks. When the grill goes off, spritz some hair perfume on. They’ll save your strands before you’re left wondering how to get the smell of smoke out of your hair.

6. Stay Dry

Give greasy strands the ax with travel-size dry dry shampoo. Using a texturizing spray can even pump up the volume on limp locks. And again, another easy BBQ hairstyle.

7. Cover Up

The sun will be shining bright on your scalp, so be sure to sport a sun hat if you’re not one to apply SPF to your part. Any hat will do, just make sure it’s stylish.

Need even more summer hair inspiration? HERE are seven summertime hairstyles you can do in a cinch!


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