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This Beach Wave Spray Gives You Victoria’s Secret Model Hair

As part of our series, Hair-apy Sesh, we’re asking the hair industry’s most-trusted mavens to divulge their secrets about what products get lifted from their kit, their idea of the most overrated and underrated hair tricks, plus their favorite high-price-tag and drugstore buys that confidently carry them through their bustling careers.

Below: Ruslan Nureev @hairbyruslan

Photo: @hairbyruslan

What’s the most stolen product from your kit?

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. It smells so amazing it’s and not a heavy product. It usually doesn’t last long since everyone uses it a lot.

What’s the most underrated hair hack or trick?

When I create a ponytail I like to use two bobby pins and a money elastic band. It’s my little trick to get the perfect ponytail that holds its shape really nicely. When I collect all the hair in the ponytail, I place one bobby pin in, wrap the elastic band around the hair very tightly and then put the second bobby pin in to secure it.

Photo: @hairbyruslan

What’s the most overrated hair hack or trick?

Root lifting spray. It works great in combination with a proper blow dry, but you would never get volume on the roots just by spraying it.

What’s the most underrated drugstore product?

The underrated drug store products is John Frieda Frizz Ease Mousse. It’s amazing, I honestly use it all the time to prep the hair from roots to tip. It gives hold but never gets sticky, plus it’s protects against heat. Also, it’s very hard to over apply it—it’s not heavy, so don’t be scared to put a generous amount in wet hair.

If you only had time to use one product on a client, what would it be?

Hand downs, the Oribe Après Beach Wave & Shine Spray. I love it so much!!! If I’m doing Victoria’s Secret models’ hair, that’s the key product! Honestly I can create a whole look with just that. It’s the best.

Photo: @hairbyruslan



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