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Your Guide to the Benefits of Onion Oil for Hair

Aside from being tasty, onion is surprisingly good for you. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help lower cholesterol and may reduce the risk of heart disease. And like most things, if it’s good for your health overall, it’s also good for your hair. We spoke with Michelle Ranavat, founder and CEO of Ranavat, a brand devoted to bringing Indian beauty into the hands of everyone, about the benefits of onion oil for hair.

Onion Oil Hair Benefits

Indian women have relied on the superhero ingredient for ages, and for good reason. Onions are rich in sulfur, a mineral that helps prevent breakage and reduce split ends. When applied directly to the scalp, onion oil will increase circulation and aid in growing thicker tresses. “Using Onion oil as a hair masque is helpful in boosting hair anti-oxidants and to help promote hair-regrowth,” Michelle notes.

How to Use Onion Oil

Being that onion oil is known as an Ayurvedic remedy for hair growth, we had to know if there’s a special application technique for tackling the treatment and maximizing the benefit. “Ayurvedic hair treatments are often leave-in hair masques that provide deep conditioning to the hair. For the onion oil, you can either take the onion and infuse it into a carrier oil or extract the juices and use it directly on the hair. Using a carrier oil is beneficial because the oil itself also has benefits to strengthen the hair as well. If you infuse the onion into the oil you would apply it to the scalp and comb through the tips. Leave in for a few hours and shampoo and condition as usual,” Michelle instructs.

We care about the why and Michelle explains the reason that onion oil delivers. “The oil treatment works because of the beneficial properties to the onion—it is rich in antioxidants and naturally contains enzymes that are beneficial for hair re-growth,” she shares. Onion oil may very well be the best-kept secret for hair growth.

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