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WHAT TO BUY: Experts Weigh in on the Best Sea Salt Spray

With the vacations happening and summer in full swing, we thought it only appropriate to show you every stylist’s secret to perfect beach babe hair: The Sea Salt Spray. A staple in every major hair stylist’s kit, this spray provides effortless texture, undone movement, and the perfect base for a blowdry; but, every stylist uses this secret weapon differently, and has a different favorite brand and approach. We rounded up 5 MAJOR editorial and celebrity stylists to spill the beans are their must have summer salt spray.



NYC Editorial and Celebrity Hairstylist (Clients Include Diane Von Furstenberg) @styledbyraquel

toni guy casual sea salt spray

“My favorite go to sea salt spray is the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray.

I use it mainly on models to create that actual beachy look. I like to create cool waves with a curling iron, alternating the direction on each section. The sea salt spray breaks it up and creates more of a lived in, tousled look that is very sexy.

I also use it on damp hair before setting it in braids or a piled up top knot. I’ll then diffuse the hair, unravel it, and viola- a cool natural looking texture that was enhanced by the braid or bun and set by the spray. This technique can be also done the night before and taken out in the morning.

Another way of using it is the easiest- after shampooing spritz the sea salt spray on damp hair, scrunch it, and let the hair do it’s own thing. If the hair is naturally frizzy, I suggest creating a personalized cocktail: part cream and part sea salt spray.

Regardless of your technique, the sea salt spray creates a tousled, lived in beachy look and who doesn’t love beach hair?!”




Celebrity Hairstylist and International Creative Director for Macadamia Professional (Clients Include Chrissy Teigen and Christina Aguilera) @giannandrea1

macadamia professional texturizing salt spray

Macadamia Professional sea spray is my favorite. It just has the right amount of sea salt that keeps the hair elastic and not tacky while also increasing thickness and definition. It brings the spring in the waves and works great on all textures.

One of my favorite tricks for using is to wave your hair with a curling iron and then spray on top and scrunch upside down. This creates beachy, tousled hair with s sexy and cool finish.

It’s all about results for me so and this product delivers- I love that!”



Celebrity Hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Salon NYC (Clients Incude Florence Welch and Lake Bell) @ryantrygstadhair

john masters organics sea mist

“I love the John Masters Organics Sea Mist! I’ve found its the best salt spray to bring your hair the closest to Giselle-like hair texture, while still being soft and touchable.”




NYC Celebrity and Editorial Hairstylist (Clients Include Gigi Hadid and Amanda Seyfried) @jrugg8

bumble and bumble surf infusion

“Beachy hair is a staple for the summer months. The products I love that are second best to only the ocean are…

  1. Bumble and bumble Surf Spray. It’s the original and still my favorite. It’s the closest thing to sea water.
  2. Bumble also just released an amazing product called Surf Infusion. It’s has sea salt and a little bit of oil for hydration. It’s a little less ‘beachy,’ so it’ll give you the look without the dry, coarse feeling. It’s great for thicker textures.
  3. A new (to me) product that I’m really into is the Philip B Maui Wowie Volumizing & Thickening Beach Mist. This mist nourishes hair with aloe vera and marine extracts.”



LA Based Celebrity and Editorial Hairstylist (Clients Include Kate Bosworth and Kiernan Shipka)  @bridgetbragerhair

sachajuan ocean mist

I love Sachajuan Ocean Spray. It’s light, buildable, and smells great.

I use this salt spray two way-

  1. On just waved hair or second day waves, spray salt spray mid shaft to ends. Shake and scrunch the hair to set in texture and add pieceyness.
  2. Spray salt spray on just washed hair, I use it at the roots just around the crown to add amazing volume, I do a quick once over- all over damp hair then brush the product through to coat the strands. Then, I use a round brush to blow hair out smooth- the texture this creates, or at least the goal, is the Bardot effect.

2 minutes

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